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Grid access arkBJACS、BJACT Series grid access to the cabinet

Product use :

The ark of the grid access of the company is suitable for the 220/380 v ac 50 hz, rated voltage of grid generation system. Can undertake single or more of the inverter ac output, as photovoltaic inverter bridge connected to the public grid, photovoltaic power generation system of power grid, and the photovoltaic inverter and isolation of power network.

The performance parameters :

installationWall-mounted installation
Working environment temperature-25~70℃
Protection grade IP65
The rated working voltageAC 220/380V
Rated frequency50HZ
Nominal discharge current of lightning protection20KA
Can be connected to the inverter route1-3路
Size (width * length * thick)300*300*120mm
The weight of the9kg

A typical grid access ark material list:

NumberThe product nameBrand specifications The number of
1cabinet 300*300*120mm IP651
2The circuit breaker2P/3PA number of
3Surge protector1P+N/3P+N1
5Complementary material1