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Monitoring software

1.WIFI monitoring system

Wireless communication is used to transmit information from the inverter to the remote server. Customers can install software on the client devices such as PC, mobile phones, IPAD view photovoltaic power plant operation information.

There are two types of wireless networks, both internal and external. The internal WiFi is fixed in the inverter. The external WiFi, which is a wireless kit, can be connected to 1-64 inverters. 485 interface WiFi kit sends information to server. Wireless kit can be wirelessly connected to the router, or through the cable, the inverter data sent to the Web server. Internal and external WIFI instructions are attached in Appendix 1, 2.

New plant owner (user) to the ohm Nick monitoring web portal, apply for registration OMNIK monitoring account, input data collector S/N code, power stations, panels the working information such as the total power, complete registration and get the account password login anytime and anywhere monitoring information portal to check the power plant operation.

When there is no OMNIK account at the same time, you can browse the website browse public account information and operation of other station.

Installed on the mobile phone, PC, the OMNIK monitoring applications, can be convenient and information power photovoltaic system, such as: Settings interface, query of history data, display more detailed information, etc. You can input keywords in Google: "OMNIK solar energy application" download to install the application on your device.


GPRS is an external communication monitoring equipment, embedded SIM card can receive data through mobile network transmission to the remote server, to provide users with convenient wireless monitoring function. GPRS suite can automatically distinguish between single and three-phase inverter, and the current state of the displayed on the front panel.


PMB (box) power supply management by OMNIK company is a research and development of photovoltaic system monitoring equipment. It can collect and record the highly reliable OMNIK solar photovoltaic inverter running data, and it also has the function of active and reactive power regulation.

When the PMB and inverter through the RS485 communication, users can obtain and record the current power, voltage, current, the working status and error messages, etc. PMB simple operation, high reliability, powerful, easy to maintain, and is widely used in the solar system. PMB instruction see attachment 3.

Photovoltaic power station monitoring system
Maximum number of points10万Maximum number of points10万
System availability≥99.99%System availability≥99.99%
Data transmission error rate≤0.001%Data transmission error rate≤0.001%
Remote regulating execution time≥99.99%Remote regulating execution time≥99.99%
Remote execution time≥99.99%Remote execution time≥99.99%
CPU usage≤40%CPU usage≤40%
Memory utilization≥70%Memory utilization≥70%
Disk I/O≤20%Disk I/O≤20%
The average time between failures MTBF≥25000hThe average time between failures MTBF≥25000h